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Miss Claire Doherty

Headteacher, Deputy DSL and SPOC


Mrs Mary Orwell

Deputy headteacher, Pre-school, KS1 Lead, Curriculum & Standards (inc. PP, More Able, EAL), DDSL, Assessment, Computing

Miss Kasia Staniszewska

Nursery and Science Subject Leader

Miss Marielou Cascayan

Reception-Blue (RB), Shadow PE

Miss Justine Burch

Reception Yellow (RY), EYFS Lead, CPD, Out of Hours Learning

Mrs Vickie Hawes

Year One - Blue (1B), Shadow Early Reading & Phonics

Mrs Carmel Cook

Year One - Yellow (1Y), Religion & PSHCE, Music

Miss Shannon Corsan

Year Two- Blue (2B), Temp English Leader

Sabina Ahmed

Year Two- Yellow (2Y)

Kitty Man

Year Three - Blue (3B)

Ms Patricia Lemard

Year Three – Yellow (3Y)

Mr Niall Lewis

Year Four- Blue (4B), Geography, Design and Technology and P.E. Leader

​​Miss Anna Maria Puleio

Year Four- Yellow (4Y), Art and Design and History Leader, E4C Ambassador

Mrs Jenny Bajade

Year Five - Blue (5B), ECT Mentor and Shadow PSHCE

Lorraine Owusu

Year Five- Yellow (5Y)

Miss Emmanuel

Year Six - Blue (6B), Shadow Maths and Computing

Mrs Rachael Crump

Year Six - Yellow (6Y), Shadow Maths and Computing

Miss Linda Van Biljon

Year 6

Miss Jennifer Mbuku

Shadow MFL

Miss A. Bullock

SENCo, Early Help, Mid Phase, DDSL

Amy Tisi

Shadow SENCo

Miss Junette Taylor

Interventions & Music

Miss Sarah Stack

Cookery Lead

Miss Ann-Marie Buckley

Charlotte Bale

Student Teacher

Charlotte Venn

Student Teacher

Seonaid Goody

Student Teacher

Miss Jess Odufuye

Currently on maternity leave

Cindy Ngo

Student Teacher

Christie Thomas

Student Teacher

Yasin Khan

Student Teacher