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Festival of Voices 2023 - posted 14th Jun

Our year 5 pupils performed for our annual concert at Hackney Empire. This year's theme was Feeling Good, with the children performing in a massed choir, songs from a wide variety of genres and decades. This concert was magnificent and really showed the talents of the children and our amazing Music Teacher Mrs Venn!

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Author Visit - posted 13th Jun

Banji Alexander, an author who has performed on BGT visited our school to share his book, ‘Lockdown Looms’. Banji taught us all about where he gets his inspiration for characters and said a lot of them are based on children that he himself taught when he was a primary school teacher. He also plays around with real life people such as Boris Johnson; Morris Bonson! Banji Alexander told us that he loves to read and that’s what has helped him to become a brilliant writer, his favourite book growing up was ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl. Banji is in the process of publishing his next book ‘New King’. He was inspiring and very pleased to meet the next generation of writers.

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Bishop Alan's Visit - posted 12th Jun

On Wednesday 7th June, Bishop Alan visited our Parish for his Pastoral Visitation to Confirm some of the young people in our Parish. He visited St Helen's for a special assembly and enjoyed a tour of our school. Some of the children prepared questions for him and he gave us.

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Parish Football Tournament - posted 12th Jun

On Saturday 3rd June, St Margaret's and St Antony's Parishes took part in a football tournament. Children from our Parishes made up several teams and enjoyed a day of matches. With great team spirit and determination, St Margaret's won both the Girls and Boys Tournaments.

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First Holy Communion - posted 12th Jun

Last weekend pupils from KS2 received the Sacrament of the Eucharist and made their First Holy Communion. We keep all of the children and their families in our prayers as they continue to build their faith and continue on their journey.

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Art Gallery Visit - posted 12th Jun

4B visited the Courtauld Gallery in the Somerset House to explore some of the world-renowned art paintings and sculptures ranging from the Renaissance through to the 20th century. The children learned about a group of Impressionists and Post-Impressionist paintings including the works of Monet, Pierre-Auguste and Van Gogh and even recreated their works by taking part in the art activities.

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The Brilliant Club - posted 9th May

The theme for The Brilliant Club this year was Art of History. The children had 7 sessions with a PHD tutor in which they learnt and discussed different art periods and how paintings told different stories using advanced topic vocabulary and critical thinking for the allegorical messages.

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TTRockstar and Robot Day 2023 2

TT Rockstar and Robots Day - posted 9th May

We enjoyed dressing up as Rockstars or Robots for the day and having TT Rockstar battles as well as playing on Numbots. These games help us with our maths fluency and arithmetic skills. Click here to see more photos.

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Motivational Workshop - posted 20th Mar

We had our annual visit from Action Jackson to deliver a workshop to year 6 for motivation. He helped to encourage the pupils to think positivity, work hard and believe in themselves so that they can aim high and achieve well. Action Jackson is the self proclaimed Ambassador for Happiness and we always feel uplifted after his visit!

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French Day 2023 - posted 6th Mar

French Day On Friday 24th Feb we had our annual French Day. We had a French Market in the hall set up by the year 6 pupils. Everyone who visited the market had to speak in French and use 'Euros' to buy from the market or have their face painted. The year 5 pupils planned lessons for the KS1 and EYFS classes. They taught the lessons to them and prepared all of the activities. We also did some research on countries that are French speaking countries.

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