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Deanery Carol Concert - posted 20th Jan

On 12th December St Helen’s choir joined choirs from all of the Newham Catholic Schools at St Antony’s Church in Forest Gate. With readings and beautiful carols, sung by all the schools, the congregation enjoyed the Christmas story. It was a wonderful occasion with all schools coming together to celebrate our faith.

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Primary Robotics - posted 8th Jan

A group of children from St Helen's have joined with children from the other Catholic primaries schools to investigate programming and robotics. It is great to see their focus and great co-operation in mixed school groups and to have expertise from St Bon's to guide and support them.

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Full Circle Opera - Royal Albert Hall - posted 19th Dec

On 12th November, Choir had an opportunity to sing at The Royal Albert Hall as part of a mass choir. They were singing an opera "Full Circle" written by the young people of Newham, for the young people of Newham and performed by the young people of Newham. The opera is about young people's experience of living in Newham but overcoming all adversities to succeed.

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Years 3&4 Christmas Play - posted 13th Dec

Year 3&4 performed Lights Camel Action 2 - The Sequin. Based on the format of Strictly Come Dancing, the children had fun sharing the story of Christmas and importance the birth of Jesus holds, through song and dance.

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Christmas Lunch - posted 13th Dec

The whole school enjoyed a festive, traditional lunch; celebrated with party hats and festive music. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was brilliant and the children had a great lunch time.

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Little Inventors - posted 10th Dec

Sarah in 6B has won the Little Inventors Design Challenge. She designed an excellent organiser for her teacher. Her design was chosen as the best invention in Newham and was created into a real object by a professional designer. Runners up include Virtue 4B, Jowita 4B and Malaki 5Y. Sarah and the runners up spent the day at Here East in Stratford and used 3D printers in order to make Sarah's design into a real life object.

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Reception & KS1 Christmas play - posted 10th Dec

On Tuesday 10th December Reception & KS1 performed 'Away in a Manger' with enthusiasm and joy. Children developed a greater understanding of their faith through sharing the Nativity story. In class, the children learnt and discussed the events and preparation of Advent.

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