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Tate Britain - posted 2nd Dec

Year 4 travelled on the train to Tate Britain to view the Steve McQueen Exhibition. The children took part in posing in a photography session when they were in Year 3 and therefore visited the gallery to view their photos alongside 3000 other school photographs. The children were so proud to be part of this amazing experience.

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Cartoon Museum - posted 2nd Dec

The Year 4 children visited The Cartoon Museum in London. They focused on caricatures and styles of comic strips alongside learning about the history of several famous characters. They developed their own drawing skills when drawing several famous people throughout history.

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Stewardship Activities - posted 27th Nov

​Year 3 & 4 used compasses and their mapping skills to complete stewardship activities in West Ham Park. They had to use orienteering to locate various points around the park and think about the challenges they found when they arrived. These included discusses their views on the local area and using the compass to think about which direction photographs had been taken in.

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Royal Albert Hall 2019 - posted 22nd Nov

On 12th November the 20 children from the choir had the memorable opportunity to sing at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Newham Community Opera Full Circle. Our very own Mrs Venn was conducting a section of the large choir. The children were also able to watch many extremely talented young musicians from England and Wales.

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Remembrance Service - posted 12th Nov

On 11th November the head boys and girls along with the school council represented St Helen's at the Cenotaph in Central Park. All the Catholic schools and other local schools also attended, along with the Mayor, the MP for East Ham, Stephen Timms, the councillor for education, Julianne Marriott and the British Legion. The schools and dignitaries laid wreaths to remember all those who died in the First and Second World Wars and in conflicts which have happened since. Fr Bob Hamill led the service and we prayed for peace.

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Jewish Museum - posted 8th Nov

Year 5 had an amazing visit to the Jewish museum to help them understand the origins of our Catholic faith. The photographs show how they learnt about the Passover Meal, the Torah, Hanukah and artefacts important in the Jewish faith.

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Rome Visit 2019 - posted 29th Oct

Day 1: We arrived safely in Rome and headed to our first Basilica; St. Paul’s Outside the Walls. We discovered more about the story of St. Paul and were amazed by how spectacular the Basilica looked. Being at the Basilica was very special because we were able to pray at the tomb of St. Paul, an extraordinary start to our pilgrimage.

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Imperial War Museum - posted 3rd Oct

To experience the effects of WWII and the continuing influence of war on the world, Year 6 visited the Imperial War museum. The children explored the First World War galleries to gain an understanding of why the Second World War happened. They discovered shelters, recruitment posters and found out more about the Blitz. They also linked their learning during cookery lessons to food rationing during the Second World War and discussed how food was imported into Britain. ​

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