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Imperial War Museum - posted 3rd Oct

To experience the effects of WWII and the continuing influence of war on the world, Year 6 visited the Imperial War museum. The children explored the First World War galleries to gain an understanding of why the Second World War happened. They discovered shelters, recruitment posters and found out more about the Blitz. They also linked their learning during cookery lessons to food rationing during the Second World War and discussed how food was imported into Britain. ​

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Art at West Ham Park - posted 1st Oct

Year 6 used a range of art techniques to create Aboriginal Song Line maps at West Ham Park. Firstly, they went on a walk around the gardens to collect natural resources to help them with their final art piece. On the walk, the children found out how some plants are used for medicinal purposes and the history of the Mulberry tree. Finally, they created a song line map of the park using charcoal, chalk, clay and leaves to show what they had discovered on their walk.

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National Gallery - posted 1st Oct

Year 6 have been comparing cityscapes and landscapes in art this half term. They will be using work from artists Herbert Mason and Paul Nash to create their own pieces using oil pastels and charcoal. At the National Gallery, the children looked at landscape paintings on different scales and discussed how the artist portrayed perspective. Some of the paintings studied and sketched include Claude Monet's Thames Below Westminster and Canaletto's Eton College view from across the Thames.

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Year 5- Tour of the Brick Lane - posted 26th Sep

On the 23rd September, as part of their art unit, Year 5 went on a tour of the Brick Lane area. This allowed the children to see a variety of examples of street art. They learnt about the history of street art in the area and discussed whether or not street art is vandalism.

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Science & Geography Induction Camp - posted 25th Sep

In September, Year 6 pupils spent four days at their Science and Geography Induction Camp. They completed outdoor science and geography learning at the St John Bosco Camp in Essex. St Helen's pupils attended the camp with St Joachim’s pupils and had lots of fun. They developed their scientific knowledge by learning about animals and habitats in the UK. Meanwhile, they increased their geographical knowledge by developing their mapping skills. Other exciting activities included: canoeing, archery, bingo and evening campfires.

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Year 5- Walsingham 2019 - posted 24th Sep

Year 5 went on a Pilgrimage to Walsingham. It was a wonderful day celebrating our Mother Mary. We studied the history of Walsingham and how Mary appeared to a girl called Rechelda. This was compared to the annunciation when Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. We celebrated mass with our special friend Monsignor John Armitage. We visited the Slipper Chapel. Here we could place our petitions ensuring we prayed for all those in our thoughts. We walked the holy mile, praying the rosary as we walked. We were lucky to keep our shoes on, many pilgrims made this journey bare foot. It was a special day; practicing our faith and living our our values through prayer.

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Brilliant Club Graduation - posted 10th Jul

12 children from Year 5 participated in The Scholars Programme where they challenged themselves to higher levels of study about politics. Each completed a 1000 word essay on the Topic ‘Power to the People’. To celebrate their amazing achievements the children had their graduation ceremony in Oxford. 

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Year 3 London Eye visit - posted 27th Jun

Year 3 visited the London Eye on Wednesday 26th June 2019. After a short journey on the Jubilee line, we arrived at Westminster. Then it was a short walk across Westminster Bridge taking in the sights of London such as The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. When we boarded the London Eye, we were able to get a clearer view of some of the major landmarks such as St. Paul's Cathedral, The Shard and The Gherkin. The 4D experience was amazing and it was like we were really there!

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Year 4 - Science Museum - posted 26th Jun

Year 4 visited the Science Museum. The children enjoyed touring the exhibitions before attending a show and a workshop with a range of wonderful investigations. The educational visit linked really well with their learning on electricity too; focusing in on conductors and insulators.

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