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The Unicorn Theatre - posted 19th Nov

Year 4 enjoyed a Christmas show ‘The Bolds’ at the Unicorn Theatre. Children joined Mr and Mrs Bold, Betty and Bobby, as they navigate work, school and friends, all whilst trying to keep up their disguise!

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Ballet - Giselle - posted 15th Nov

On Friday 5th November, years 4,5 & 6 went to the Royal Opera House to see the ballet Giselle. The children had researched the story before the visit and knew the characters and story-line. Here is the synopsis - The peasant girl Giselle discovers the true, high-born identity of her lover Albrecht – and that he is promised to another.

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Royal Festival Hall - posted 15th Nov

On 3rd November Year 5 went to the Royal Festival Hall to see the Philharmonic Orchestra. The children were able to hear music from various instruments in an orchestra to explore Hector Berlioz's thrilling piece: Symphonic fantastique. They went on an incredible journey to Paris through a very unusual love story, experiencing a vivid dream and even taking a ride on the Metro!​

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Year 3- Mosque Visit - posted 13th Mar

Year 3 studied the Islamic faith learning about their beliefs and how they pray. On Tuesday 10th March, we visited a Turkish Mosque. We had such a warm welcome from the Iman who also spoke to us about what they believe and how they act out their faith through their actions in everyday life. It was interesting to go inside another persons place of worship and see how they follow a faith.

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Year 4 Visit to Sikh Gurdwara - posted 4th Mar

Year 4 visited the local Sikh Gurdwara to apply their recent learning on the Sikh faith. The children had a presentation, learnt about Gurus, traditions, the 5Ks and the faith’s history/ developments over the last 500 years.

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