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The British Library Visit - posted 8th Feb

Year 4 visited The British Library to take part in a workshop called ‘Map your world’. The children developed their understanding on the purpose and styles of different maps. Children also learnt about the biggest and the smallest maps in the world. Finally, children participated in several activities which aided their understanding on the importance of perspective when drawing and reading their own maps.

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Hindu Temple - posted 8th Feb

Year 5 had the opportunity to visit a Hindu Temple. This was part of our Religion unit where we learnt about other faiths (Hinduism). The trip was very informative and built on our knowledge of Hinduism. We were also very privileged to have a priest at the temple answer our questions, as well as give us a tour of the Temple.

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Local Library Visit - posted 8th Feb

Year 5 visited the local library, here we had the opportunity to listen to a librarian read a story to us. We then borrowed books to take home. We love reading and we are grateful for this termly opportunity.

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The library Visit in Canning Town - posted 4th Feb

4B visited the library in Canning Town. Whilst there the children learnt all about the index and ordering systems in place for fiction and non-fiction books. The children also enjoyed listening to a story called The Winter’s Tale read by the librarian. Finally, the children chose their books that they could take home to read.

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The Tate & Lyle factory - posted 28th Jan

Year 5 visited the Tate & Lyle factory to complete a Junior Citizens Workshop. During the workshop children learnt about the dangers associated with fire, water, public transport and stranger danger. It was a thoroughly engaging and informative morning.

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