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Chess Tournament - posted 14th Jun

Key stage two children participated in a chess tournament against six other schools hosted at St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School. The children achieved a bronze and silver medal in recognition of their efforts.

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Year 4 to Tate Modern - posted 10th Jun

Year 4 visited the Tate Modern to launch their Arts Week focus. The children focused on surrealism; developing their understanding of the style through their interpretations to different artist’s work.

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Holland Visit 2019 - posted 20th May

This year on our exciting visit to Holland, we stopped in Brugge, in Belgium and had a tour of the town (testing out the new school rain macs), spotting lace, tapestry and chocolate in the shops. We also saw the Church of Our Lady before moving on to Amsterdam.

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Educational Visit to France - posted 17th May

Year 4 pupils went on a residential educational visit to France. Pupils began their cultural experience with a visit to a French school to meet their pen-pals, perform a French song, play games and develop their language skills. They then went to the beach and had a sandcastle building competition before going onto the hotel.

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Ragged School Museum - posted 15th May

On Tuesday the 14th of May 2019, 5B went on an educational visit to the Ragged School Museum. We travelled there by train. The reason for this visit was to educate us on how school life was during the Victorian times. We were given the opportunity to go back in time and experience for ourselves a day in the life of a poor Victorian child.​

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4Y DT Project - posted 14th May

4Y went to St Bon’s for a design and technology workshop. The children made acrylic key-rings by using a range of tools and techniques. Their finished products look amazing.

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