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Year 3

Year Three

Miss Puleio (3B) and Mrs Cook (3Y) are supported by Miss Hudson and Mrs Serieux.


At St. Helen’s we are committed to developing the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum. We ensure that we cover all areas of the National Curriculum.


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Supporting Learning at Home

We recognise the extremely important role that parents play in their child’s education. We want to work in partnership to help parents develop their skills supporting their child’s learning at home. If parents would like any support with developing home learning please see Miss Puleio or Mrs Cook.

Every week we change the children’s home reading books, as well as sending home spellings and homework for the children to learn and complete.

In September we held a Curriculum Evening to support parents with understanding the expectations for Year 3. Please click here to view our presentation.

 Year Three Expectations

The children in Year Three are assessed against the Target Tracker bands to ensure all children are making good progress.


3B 3B+ 3W 3W+ 3S 3S+
Autumn Spring Summer
The end of year Three expectation is a 3S.


Children are given targets to move their learning forward.

For a child to be scored as Secure at the end of the year it is expected that children have achieved at least 80% of these statements.

News & Photos

Year 3 made monster cakes. We have been reading a book called ‘Cakes in Space’. In this book cakes come to life and the main character Astra has to defeat them.
We created our own monster cake characters and will now use them in writing an adventure story.

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 Year 3 have focused on the well being of our minds. Today, we wore yellow to represent the importance of caring for our mental health. In class, we complete mindfulness matters activities. This is to ensure we are calm and focussed and through this time we discuss our feelings. We know it’s ok to feel sad, it’s ok to feel angry, it’s ok to be unsure and it’s ok to be happy. We have learnt it’s ok not to be ok. We are learning how to handle these feelings.

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Useful Links

These are websites that are useful for developing children’s skills in year three to complement their learning in school.

English Links

Teach Handwriting
Description: Lots of fantastic videos and work sheets to support letter formation.

BBC Bitesize
Description: This website is packed with games and activities to support your child's learning in school.

Maths Links

Active Learn
Description: Use your child’s login to access lots of fun and interactive games.

ICT games
Description: A selection of fun games to support mathematical skills.