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Year 3

Year Three

Mrs Bajade (3B) and Miss Lemard (3Y) are supported by Mr Hicks, Mrs Tay, Mrs Cazon and Mrs Baraj.


At St. Helen’s we are committed to developing the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum. We ensure that we cover all areas of the National Curriculum.


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Supporting Learning at Home

We recognise the extremely important role that parents play in their child’s education. We want to work in partnership to help parents develop their skills supporting their child’s learning at home. If parents would like any support with developing home learning please see the Year 3 team.

Every week we change the children’s home reading books, as well as sending home spellings and homework for the children to learn and complete.

Homework is provided to your child every week. This homework links to work that they have been doing in class. Children have access to GSuite accounts; and as we move with the times homework in KS2 will be more increasingly set through this electronic platform. Please therefore refer to the GSuite Parent Guide to increase your confidence with how to use it when engaging with home learning. Please click here for the guide.

 Year Three Expectations

All children are assessed within different curriculum subjects against the Age Related Expectations (ARE). The ARE’s are taken from the National Curriculum but are consolidated to reflect what we expect of a child.

Teacher assessments are generally based on a variety of different sources but will generally be a combination of on-going formative assessment in class, book work and formal summative testing.

Children are classed as:

  • Working towards the expected standard
  • Working at the expected standard
  • Working above the expected standard

The curriculum in Key Stage 2 builds on the knowledge and skills that pupils have been taught at Key Stage 1. Spoken language underpins the development of pupils’ reading and writing. Reading at KS2 consists of word reading and comprehension (both listening and reading). Writing is composed of three strands: transcription (spelling and handwriting), composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing) and vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.

News & Photos

3Y has participated and enjoyed joining in with the Shakespeare workshop. They have learnt a lot in the workshop and will be learning lot's of information about the book Twelfth Night.

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We listened to a story called 'Octopus Shocktopus!' about an octopus landing on top of a house and becoming friends with people in the town. It was a lovely message linked with Citizenship about how we can make friends with all types of people no matter what they look like or if they are different to us.

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In Year 3 we have been learning about Prehistory and we have researched where people used to live, how they spent their time and the Art and Religion they started to develop.
Here is an example of one of our pupils in 3B.

In Year 3 we have been talking about bullying and we have explored examples of bullying behaviour acting out different possible scenarios.
In Science we have been learning about different types of forces, using a Venn diagram to investigate pull and push forces.

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In Year 3 children explored the Shakespeare's play 'Twelfth night'. This play is a brilliant route into looking at dramatic irony and comic characters, such as Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek, as well as looking at a range of themes such as identity, love and deception.

The workshop was a great opportunity for the children to gain a deeper understanding of the play's story, characters’ feelings and relationships through drama. ​

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In Year 3 we used Now Press Play, an audio resource, to explore a story about mental health through emotion, imagination and movement. The children enjoyed moving around the classroom using the cardinal points and investigating causes of stress and possible solutions, such as talking to a trusted adult, writing, drawing and playing.


As part of our Citizenship focus, Year 3 have also used a variety of activities such as meditation, colouring and yoga to explore our feelings and to learn how to find a happy place when we are feeling anxious, angry or stressed.


Year 3 have enjoyed learning in Forest Schools this term. They have experienced the outdoor and learnt to appreciate and respect nature. Today, the children made spider webs using string and natural resources.

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Year 3 are analysing the quality of soil through our science and maths focus weeks. Firstly, we split into groups and each went to explore a different area.
Group 1 collected soil from Hermit Road Park, group 2 collected samples from the school’s vegetable garden, group 3 went to the woodland and pond area whilst group 4 went to a derelict piece of land along Chargeable Lane.
This give us the opportunity to look and touch the soil.
Now, we will be using PH testing kits to analyse the quality of the soil and see if it matches our predictions.

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In year 3 in Maths we have been focusing on 2-digit numbers on a line. We have been learning how to use a bead string counting up in tens.​ We have been comparing numbers and we have been ordering them, using bead strings to help us.

We have been learning how to use a bead string counting up in tens and we explored in pairs how to label bead strings efficiently by going to the nearest ten and then counting on or moving back.

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3Y explored the parts of a flower by dissecting a lily. This way we could identify the stamen, the stigma, the stem, leaves, petals, pollen & the ovaries.
We sorted all the parts onto an A3 sheet of paper and laminated them so we can refer to them when we continue to learn about the flower.

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Our Mission Week started Monday 4th November 2019. We started the week by welcoming Jesus into our school with a procession. We now look forward to adoring the Blessed Sacrament throughout the week.
In class we will be learning about Pope Francis’ letter Laudato Si. We will be raising awareness about caring for our common home.

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Year 3 are learning to tell the time using an analogue clock.

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Year 3 met with their nursery friends to read together. We enjoyed reading books and talking to the nursery children about the stories.

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Year 3 are learning what to do with their feelings. Sometimes, we feel angry, sad, happy or excited and we don’t know what to do with those feelings. We used the talking teddy to discuss how those feelings make us feel inside.

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Year 3 made monster cakes. We have been reading a book called ‘Cakes in Space’. In this book cakes come to life and the main character Astra has to defeat them.
We created our own monster cake characters and will now use them in writing an adventure story.

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 Year 3 have focused on the well being of our minds. Today, we wore yellow to represent the importance of caring for our mental health. In class, we complete mindfulness matters activities. This is to ensure we are calm and focussed and through this time we discuss our feelings. We know it’s ok to feel sad, it’s ok to feel angry, it’s ok to be unsure and it’s ok to be happy. We have learnt it’s ok not to be ok. We are learning how to handle these feelings.

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Useful Links

These are websites that are useful for developing children’s skills in year three to complement their learning in school.

English Links

Teach Handwriting
Description: Lots of fantastic videos and work sheets to support letter formation.

BBC Bitesize
Description: This website is packed with games and activities to support your child's learning in school.

Maths Links

Active Learn
Description: Use your child’s login to access lots of fun and interactive games.

ICT games
Description: A selection of fun games to support mathematical skills.