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London MLE for school users

LGfL StaffMail

Parish website

London MLE for non-school users

LondonMail for pupils

Parent View website



Fun links

BBC Cbeebies


Fun with Spot

Sesame Street

Fun Brain

Citv - Official Website


Bob the Builder

PBS Kids


Dr Seuss

Beano Town

Cartoon Network

Nick Junior





BBC Literacy activities

Crickweb KS1 Literacy activities

Channel 4 - Way with words with Benjamin Zephaniah

British Council - Learn English games

Beantime stories

Ambleside Primary literacy hour

Crickweb KS2 Literacy activities

Starfall reading and phonics activities

Guided reading with Roy the Zebra



BBC Numeracy activities

Maths glossary

Fun brain numeracy games

Cool Maths for Kids

NRich Prime - numeracy

BBC Bitesize (ages 7-11)

Learning Planet

BBC Dynamo's Den (ages 5-9)

Channel 4 learning - puzzle maths

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

LGfL - Mathematics content

Ambleside Primary numeracy hour

BBC Little Animals Activity Centre (ages 4-8)

BBC Education Maths File (ages 8-12)

BBC Digger and the Gang

Maths Advantage



BBC Science Clips

BBC Bitesize

Crick Primary School KS1 science activities

BBC Science activities

Channel 4 Learning Essentials - KS 2 science

Crick Primary School KS2 science activities



BBC History For Kids

BBC Dynamo's History activities

LGfl - History content

Channel 4 - Learning Essentials

History for Kids - Ancient civilizations

BBC History Timelines

Britain Express - British history and culture



BBC Geography activities

Time for Kids - Around the World

National Geographic Kids

Channel 4 Learning - KS 2 Geography

Enchanted Learning - printouts and activities




Eduweb religions

RE for infants

Holidays on the net

Infant resources for Christianity

Bible stories for kids

RE for Juniors

Teddy's day out - RE activity



Toy Theater - art activities

Harcourt Art

CBBC - create and make

Cleo art activities

Sculpture and collage activities

Show Me! – art games

NGA Kids - Adventures with art

Inside Art - art history adventure game

The case of Grandpa’s missing painting activity

The Art Kids

Kinder Art – Activities and lesson plans


Design and Technology

Primary resources - D&T

BSI - worksheets and activities (ages 7-11)

Technology Student

D & T clipart



BBC Schools - PSHE activities

Primary Resources - PSHE

Channel 4 - We are from...

Go Givers - PSHE and Citizenship

Channel 4 - Citizen Power

Channel 4 -