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St. Helen's School Anthem

The future is St. Helen's,
It's the place to be.
Super St. Helen's,
A pool of nationalities.
Our diff'rence makes us equal,
As we learn to live life peaceful.
We don't just attract success,
Our school earns it's respect!

Verse 1:
Our great God,
Place your trust in the Lord,
Be grateful to God,
We are forgiven; we are cured.
We made a home with our class
As God is in our hearts,

Raise your voice and sing with me, (Raise your voice and sing with me)
It's St. Helen's anniversary! (It's St. Helen's anniversary)


Verse 2:
St. Marg'ret's our parish
It's the church we all cherish
Raising money for Cafod,
By selling cakes and much more.
We honour our Saint Helen
In our hearts she is placed.

Ev'rybody sing with me, (Ev'rybody sing with me)
Saint Helen intercede. (Saint Helen intercede)


We are all saints in training,
We get closer to God by praying.
I will leave a mark, smile as I march,
Hold my head proud and high!

Print a shape in my walk,
Show my courage as I talk.
Let all the saints hear us
When we pray on high,
To Jesus Christ!