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The year 6 bubbles

Year 6 have been extremely busy this week in their 4 bubbles. They have rehearsed their final dances for their end of year memories assembly. Meanwhile, they have continued to improve their basketball skills in P.E. lessons.

In religion lessons, pupils read Matthew 23:31-45 and discussed how the scripture reflects on the believe in the common good. Pupils enjoyed acting out their understanding of the scripture.

Pupils really enjoyed this weeks Science Focus Week. They researched lots of renewable energy sources and enjoyed designing ecologically sustainable cities. Year 6 pupils read First News and made sure that they were up to date with current affairs. They also enjoyed completing the Sudoku and crosswords in the newspaper.

Pupils have continued to keep connected with their friends in school and at home through Google Meet. They continue to take part in weekly group quizzes and French bingo. This week, a pupil led our weekly quiz; it was very challenging. Meanwhile, pupils have completed their picture book masterpieces. Their stories represent various indigenous cultures from around the world. ​Finally, boys, who will attend St Bonaventure's in September, met their year 7 leader. They discussed transition to their secondary school.

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