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Year 6- Spring 2

Science Week:
Pupil have been making crazy golf courses for science week. They drew diagrams, made circuits and measured and cut wood in order to make their designs.

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Pupils have been developing their geography and maths skills through orienteering. They used their maps and compasses to find different check points around the school. They then had to solve a maths problems at each check point.

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Nowpressplay comprehension
Pupils have been using nowpressplay in order to develop their comprehension skills. They had to read their booklets and use the audio in order to solve a mystery.

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Herbert Mason Shading Art
For art, pupils have been learning about Herbert Mason and his photograph of St Paul's during the Blitz. They discussed colour, light and shading in the photo. They then went on to create their own interpretations of the photo. They used charcoal in order to experiment with light and shading.

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