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Year 6 Bubbles

Year 6 have been extremely busy in their 4 bubbles. They have kept their brains active with daily maths challenges. Meanwhile, they have been super creative for Arts Weeks. They have experimented with different materials in order to create paintings and globes in order to represent various indigenous cultures from around the world.

They researched various indigenous cultures and were inspired to make stories and picture books with their findings. Year 6 pupils read First News and made sure that they were up to date with current affairs. They also enjoyed completing the Sudoku and crosswords in the newspaper. Finally, year 6 really enjoyed playing with the friends in their bubble ; they have all become experts at skipping. Finally, year 6 have kept connected with their friends in school and at home through Google Meet. They took part in group quizzes and French bingo. They are having lots of fun in school!

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