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Pre-School Return to School

Pre-school has reopened and the children have been excited to return to us. They have missed their friends and the adults in Pre-school and have been ready to start their learning.

Their return has been met with some fun outdoor learning in Forest school with Miss Morgan. Rekindling their friendships and thirst for adventure by climbing their way around the woodland area and having fun hanging around on the rope swing.
We also had a special little visit from our friend Cash. He came by to welcome the children back to Pre-school on a nice sunny day. They children were so excited to meet him and made sure they looked after him and made him feel loved.
We have also been talking about our Mum’s and how much we love them. The children prepared some special gifts for them to celebrate Mother’s Day! They decorated tasty gingerbread Mums for them and also made a lovely hand print sunflower card for them too. Our Mum’s are amazing and our love for them will always grow.