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Mission Week 2020 - We are God's Special Children

Once again, we are very excited to be celebrating our school mission with our focus weeks learning about how God made us all special. We welcome back the Blessed Sacrament which was processed from the Convent Chapel to our school on Monday morning (14th September). All children will now have the unique opportunity to adore the Blessed Sacrament and learn about the special connection we have with adoration and our Catholic faith. Spending time in prayer the children and staff can reconnect with their faith and deepen their spirituality.
In the children's religion lessons, children will be studying the Catholic Social Teaching: Dignity of the Human Person. They will be learning the values of Christianity and how we can act upon them in our everyday lives.

We send our deepest apologies that parents cannot visit the Blessed Sacrament this year, we know how much parents like to adore the Blessed Sacrament each year and it is always holds a very special place in our school calendar, however, with the restrictions in place due to Covid -19, we are unable to allow this. We will however remember you all in our prayers as we visit the Blessed sacrament with your children.

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