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Citizenship weeks

In January during our Citizenship focus weeks the pupils discussed about equality. They took part in a Charity fair organised at St' Joachim's where they had the opportunity to meet several charities and ask questions about their work, what inspires them, their aims and biggest challenges. One of the charities was CAFOD, which helps people all around the world providing them food and clean water. This charity started 64 years ago and it means Caritas Action for Oversea Development.

Another charity was Education 4 change, which aims to educate children to make sure they understand the impact of racism, what is discrimination and the importance of inclusion.

Mr. Allen’s charity makes sure that children from a disadvantaged family can go on holiday such as camping and playing games and socialising.

Mrs Hick’s charity too makes sure people from disadvantaged families and people with disabilities can go on a holiday in Lourdes. Her charity is called HCPT84 which means Helping Children Pilgrimage Trust.

Mini Vinnies aims to help people in need, they focus on three things: see, think and do. This means if you see something wrong you think of an idea and you take action.

Alliance of education aims to give equal learning opportunities to people with disabilities, they want everyone to be treated equally as in the past Michelle did not have the same opportunities as the others because she was on a wheelchair.

Finally, Your place helps homeless people who might not be able to pay the rent anymore, they might be war refugees or divorced.

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