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Chess Champ

We are delighted to share the fantastic news about one of our pupils in year 5 - Maxwell. He represented Essex in the EPSCA (English Primary Schools Chess Association) National Finals held in Northampton on May 11 2024. The U11 Essex Juniors delivered a tremendous effort, achieving 4th place in the EPSCA Association National Finals, missing out on a prize by just half a point. This is the highest result for an Essex U11 team since 2003, showcasing an excellent performance despite the narrow miss.


Maxwell's individual performance was also commendable, as he won 2 out of his 3 games. Notably, Maxwell was the only participant from Newham Borough and our very own St Helen's School. His dedication and success in chess are truly inspiring, and we believe this achievement deserves recognition.

We want to celebrate Maxwell's accomplishments and to encourage more students to take up chess, following in Maxwell's footsteps. Chess is not only a game of strategy and skill but also a great way to develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

We are all extremely proud of Maxwell and hope he continues in his success!