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Rome Visit 2018

We arrived in Rome and headed straight to the Bede College. We celebrated mass together and enjoyed refreshments afterwards in the garden of the college with some of the student priests.

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Our second stop was to St Paul’s Outside the Wall. We had a guided tour around the basilica and then had some time pray at the tomb of St Paul.

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Day 2

Today we started by going to St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. We saw Michael Angelo’s famous sculpture La Pieta - Our Lady holding Jesus. We also prayed at the tomb of St Peter.

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We went to the English College today and celebrated mass in the beautiful chapel. We then looked at the paintings that told the stories of the martyrs.

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IMG 7797IMG 7794

IMG 7798IMG 7792

Enjoying lunch in a Pizzeria

IMG 7800IMG 7799

We managed to fit in a visit to the Pantheon - a former Ancient Roman temple that is now a Church.

IMG 7807IMG 7806

Making a wish at the Trevi Fountain

IMG 7814trv1IMG 7815trv2

We bumped into Fr Dominic, our diocesan youth Chaplin who was recording a show for BBC Radio Essex. He asked some of the children about their experiences so far.

IMG 7811

IMG 7812

Day 3

In St Peter’s Square waiting for Pope Francis.

IMG 7844

This morning we are in the presence of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. In his message he spoke about us using our gifts and following the 10 Commandments as well as living out our faith.

He reminded us that we are all made in God’s image, and should be kind and loving towards everyone. That being kind is a way to show our love and live the way God wants us to.
He gave us a blessing and extended that blessing to all of our family and friends back home.

IMG 7860IMG 7850

IMG 2239IMG 2238

Making new friends from a Catholic school in Poland.

IMG 7872

The Colosseum and Constantine’s Arch.

IMG 7876IMG 7875

We visited another basilica today, St John Lateran. In this church there is a piece of the table from the last supper. We spent some time in quiet prayer with the Blessed Sacrament.

IMG 7881IMG 7880

Today ended in a very special way. We felt very close to our patron saint St Helen. We prayed the rosary on the Holy Steps. St Helen brought these steps back to Rome. They were from Pilot’s house. Jesus walked up these steps before he was crucified.

We then went to the church, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. In this church there are relics from the True Cross. There is a piece of the cross that St Helen found along with; thorns from the crown Jesus wore, nails from the cross, the sign that was hung above Jesus and St Thomas’ finger. We had mass on Santa Croce.

IMG 8311IMG 7883

IMG 7887IMG 7886


Day 4

Our final day started with Mass in the chapel in Villa Palazzola.

IMG 7888

The view from our accommodation - Villa Palazzola.

IMG 7889IMG 7823

IMG 7834IMG 7832

IMG 7830

Our last day in Rome we visited Castle Gandolfo - this is the Pope’s summer residence. However, Pope Francis doesn’t use it, so he has opened it up for the public to be able to visit.

IMG 7898IMG 7894

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IMG 8334IMG 7895