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Ballet - Giselle

On Friday 5th November, years 4,5 & 6 went to the Royal Opera House to see the ballet Giselle. The children had researched the story before the visit and knew the characters and story-line. Here is the synopsis -
The peasant girl Giselle discovers the true, high-born identity of her lover Albrecht – and that he is promised to another.

In despair at the revelation of Albrecht’s infidelity, Giselle kills herself. Her soul enters the ranks of the Wilis – shades of young women who died before their wedding day. All men that come across their path are compelled to dance themselves to death, and Albrecht falls into their trap. Through Giselle’s love from beyond the grave her intercession saves him and also releases her soul from the Wilis’ power.​

 synopsisIMG 6896