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Knife Crime Assembly - posted 9th Nov

The Key Stage 2 children welcomed a guest speaker to come in and talk to them all about the dangers of knives. This moving assembly informed the children of both the legal and the moral responsibilities that they have on keeping themselves and others safe. The children were reassured with real statistics that are not always portrayed in the media.

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Parent Online Safety Workshop - posted 9th Nov

At St. Helen's we have been promoting the importance on online safety both at school and at home for all children. Many parents have attended our workshops; to learn about how they can best protect their children while they use the internet at home. We have had guest speakers attend our workshop, to promote additional safety measures and to demonstrate a variety of useful apps and websites.

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Prevent Workshop - posted 9th Nov

Year 5 were lucky to take part in a workshop which taught the children about the importance of questioning what you read, being able to recognise sensitive or inappropriate material and what actions to take if they do come across something online which they think is dangerous.

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Precession of the Blessed Sacrament - posted 5th Nov

This week we have our Mission Week. The theme this year is; One body, many parts based on the scripture Reading 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 ​which is linked to our key issue on uniqueness, celebrating everyone's gifts and talents. We started the week with a whole school assembly in the Convent Chapel. Fr Andrew remind us of the story of Zacchaeus.

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