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War Horse - posted 12th Feb

On the 26th of February, year 6 pupils went to Brighton in order to see the stage production of War Horse. They had been studying War Horse in English lessons and went to see the play in order to make comparisons with the book.

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Young Voices - posted 9th Feb

On a Tuesday 29th January 2018, 65 pupils from Saturday School and KS2 choir took part in The Young Voices Concert at the the O2 Arena. The choir consisted of over 7600 primary children. They performed 18 songs that they had been learning since September.

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Art Matters - posted 8th Feb

KS2 Art Club have been busy creating images to be used in the Art Matters Exhibition 2018. We had the opportunity to visit the University of East London to have our art work photographed in a professional studio. The children were very excited to see how a green screen works and have a tour around the studio.

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Mini Vinnies Marathon - posted 5th Feb

The children in the Mini Vinnies completed a 26 mile relay marathon to raise money for The British Red Cross. Children participated in a range of ways; walking, running, jogging, scooting and roller skating.

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KS2 Debate - posted 1st Feb

The whole of Key Stage Two took part in the school debate where they put forward arguments for and against the statement 'First aid should be compulsory in the curriculum’.

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EYFS & KS1 Handprint Theatre - posted 1st Feb

EYFS & KS1 Thoroughly enjoyed workshops from Handprint Theatre about Preparing for Life. The children were learning about: • Making friends - getting on with others • Reinforcing skills; turn taking, sharing, listening, empathy, compromising - not always getting own way • Being grateful • Healthy eating • Looking after our environment

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Moral Maze - posted 1st Feb

20 children visited St Joachim’s and took part in the Moral Maze thinking about everyday morale issues and deciding what they would do in those cases.

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British Museum - posted 31st Jan

12 children from years 3-5 were chosen to attend an exhibition at the British Museum titled: Living with the Gods. The exhibition challenged the children to learn about all faiths and traditions and consider the enormity of religion in the world. The children learnt that 85% of the earths population have a belief through religion and the exhibition enabled them to discover what those beliefs are and the impact religion can have on a country or a person.

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