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Year 1 -Sea Life Centre - posted 11th Jul

Year One visited the Sea Life Centre in Southend. They looked at all of the different fish and sea creatures. Afterwards the children were able to play on the beach; looking at how the Seaside has changed from the past to the present linked to their history topic of Seasides Past and Present.

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Year 5- London Zoo - posted 10th Jul

Year 5 went to London Zoo as part of studying animals and their young in science. It was a very hot day so we had to really look for the animals as they were taking shelter to try and cool down. We thought the lions were huge but the penguins were cute. It was a great experience.

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Year 3 National Gallery - posted 15th Jun

Year 3 visited the National Gallery to look at some religious arts linked to our arts week theme. Whilst at the Gallery the children has the opportunity to discuss and critique a range of religious arts. This was a fun day out and the children enjoyed it

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Year 6-Devon 2018 - posted 14th Jun

On Monday 11th June we visited Wookey Hole near Wells. We look around the caves and played in the adventure playground. We then went to watch a film in the 4D cinema. Later in the evenig we arrived at PGL Beam House in Devon. After settling in we played Wacky Races.

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Year 4 - National Gallery visit - posted 11th Jun

On Monday 11th June, year 4 went to the National Gallery to take part in a workshop about Religion in the Arts. We arrived a little early and took a quick look around the gallery, before a nice man called Ed gave us the low-down on three really important religious paintings. We learnt loads about different materials and media, as well as how painters compose images, as well as the symbolism they use and the stories they attempt to tell.

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National Gallery RY and 5Y - posted 7th Jun

This year our Arts Week focus is religious art. Older and younger Children have been paired to visit the National Gallery. Year 5 have studied paintings St Joseph’s Dream and St. Mary Magdalene to find out more about the stories and symbolism in art.

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