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Cultural History 2019

Throughout September we had Cultural History focus weeks based on the theme ‘The Windrush Generation’ where Years 1-6 focused on this historic event. Each class researched and learnt about people of this time from a range of different cultures to help us develop an understanding of how events and people of the past and present have had an impact on our lives and country. Children in the EarlyYears focused on who inspires them in their families.

At the end of the three weeks we came together with St Joachim’s to share our performance poetry pieces linked to the learning that had taken place.

As part of our Cultural History topic, the Windrush, in 3B we have created art collages using different types of materials such as cotton wool, foil, bubble wrap, tissue paper, pictures and fabric. We enjoyed experimenting how to use different textures and techniques to achieve a unique design.

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