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Arts Week 2018

In Reception we have been learning about religious art. We visited the National Gallery, and saw lots of paintings. We have been learning about how God created the World in seven days. This is called the Creation story. We have also learnt about St.Helen and her story called ‘The Queen and the cross’.

In Year 1 we have been learning about sculptures linked to religious art. The story we have focused on is Noah’s Ark. We have completed lots activities including kneading to make clay animals, collating to create Noah’s Ark, painting to design animal masks and learning the song Rise and Shine. We have also learned about Henry Moore where we have critiqued his sculptures and created a fact file on his life. Please join in the words and actions to Rise and Shine with us if you know them.

Year 2 have studied art that links to the story of Moses and the Exodus. In class we have looked at watercolours of this by the artist James J Tissot. We noticed that each of the paintings show different emotions from Moses, one of worry and one of hope.

Symbols were a big part of our focus. Practising using the watercolours gave us lots of time to learn how much water to use. Our final water colour piece was the symbol of St. Helen kneeling to her cross. Some of us challenged ourselves to include a reflection in the painting.

In year 3, our main focus was the birth and baptism of Jesus. We looked at variety of religious images including ‘The Virgin of the Veil’ by Ambrogio Bergognone and ‘The Baptism of Christ’ by Peiro Della Francesca. We had the opportunity to analyse and critique artwork. We have also been looking closely at bible scriptures around the birth and baptism and how these scriptures link to the paintings.

In year 6 we have been studying religious artwork by artists such as Rembrandt, Dali and Rubens. We have studied religious iconography in art and experimented with different techniques and mediums. Today we are showcasing our interpretations of the Resurrection and Ascension.


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