Extended School


Gardening Club

We have been busy in KS1 gardening club building a school garden.




Saturday School

SHINE at St. Helen’s provides the children with a structured timetable of creative activities taught and planned by teachers from within the school. Pupils arrive 8:30 and complete a range of sessions focused on providing extra support in basic skills. In addition to English and Maths, pupils attend creative sessions such as Sport, Music, Music Technology, Dance, Art, DT, Gardening and Cooking.

Each term has a different theme. This term sees the theme, ‘Roots of Music’. This will include pupils using music lyrics to complete comprehension activities, attending samba band classes and experiencing an educational visit to the West End production Motown.













Brilliant Club

Graduation Ceremony

The Brilliant Club works with schools to help pupils to access top universities and to develop a range of skills that would be needed. A group of children have been working with a PhD student at Oxford University in tutorial groups on the theme of keeping a healthy heart. While there they learned about the heart and cardiovascular disease, conducted experiments, did data handling work and produced an academic essay on the topic. The pupils then graduated with a ceremony at Oxford University where they were presented with certificates Well done!


Parents & Toddler Group

At St. Helen's we run a parents and toddler group with Ms Bode Adekanle on Wednesdays from 9:15am - 11:00am in the Benedict Centre. All parents and carers are welcome to bring their children from ages 18 months to 3 years. There are many fun things for the toddlers such as toys, painting, bikes and books to help encourage the children to interact and socialise with each other. There are also special groups run occasionally by Sure Start such as music and storytelling sessions. These interactions help develop their social skills ready for when they reach primary school age. The group also allows parents and carers to engage in activities with their children and meet other parents and carers.

After school clubs

We are lucky to have a number of clubs after school run by members of the school staff.

A letter is given to all children at the beginning of each term, outlining which clubs they are eligible for and giving them the chance to sign up.

Older children are encouraged to join Saturday schools at our link secondary schools and we are fortunate to have visiting teachers from Newham Music Academy who teach music to all classes and give some children the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument.

Summer Term 2017

Day Club Staff Year Groups
Monday Homework Club *
Homework Club *
Homework Club *
School Council *
Treble Recorder Club*
Drama / Singing
Scrumptious Stories
Mrs Flynn
Miss Crump
Mrs Hunt
Miss Braimah
Miss Logan & Miss Mbuku
Miss Taylor
Mr Singh
Mrs Baker (only children not in homework)
Miss Cascayan
Mrs Hudson / Mrs Corsan (start 15th May)
Miss Burch & Mrs Aylwin (allergy issue)
Year 5
Year 4
Year 3
Yrs 3-5
Yr 2
Yr R & 1
Year 5
Yr R
Yr 6
Yr R & 1
Tuesday Netball
E- Cadets
KS 1 Choir
KS 2 Choir
Poetry & lyrics
Cake & Bake
Movie Club
Drama & Stories
Table Tennis
Miss Odufuye/Miss Stack
Miss Dowdall
Miss Taylor & Miss Logan
Miss Doherty / Mrs Venn / Mr Augustine
Mr Dowall & Mr Lewis
Mrs Barej
Ms Waugh
Miss Cascayan
Mrs Baker
Miss Mbuku
Mr Smith
Mrs Bajade
Mr Browne
Yrs 4-5
Yr 5
Yrs 1&2
Yrs 3-5
Yrs 3-4
Yrs 2-5
Yrs 3-4
Yrs 5
Yr 6
Yr 3
Yrs 4-5
Yr 1
Yrs 4-6
Wednesday Football
Mr Hicks
Miss McNeish
Mr Dybowski + Miss Mbuku
Yrs 5&6
Yr 3 & 4
Thursday Girls’ Football
Web technologies
Mini Vinnies
Art Club
Football team*
Miss Earle + Mr Browne
Mr Parlak + Mr Kirwan
Miss Bullock & Miss Orwell
Miss Samson
Mr Myers/Mr Hicks
Miss Mbuku
Miss Clark and Miss Waugh
Mr Aanonson
Ms Andreau-Watson
Yrs 4-6
Yr 5-6
Yrs 3-6
Yrs 1&2
Yr 2
Yr 2 & 3
Yrs 4 & 5
Yr 2
Friday International Club* Mrs Corsan & Mrs Flynn Yr 5

* Invitation only


Club photos

Girl's football



Games club

Lego club


Creative club

6 o'clock club

Every Child a Musician programme