Events Archive

Plot and Setting Week

From 20th February to 8th March we focused on plot and setting in Literacy, looking at plays by William Shakespeare and fairy tales. As part of this topic we had exciting workshops and activities in every class to encourage reading.

Year 1 and Year 6 focused on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Year 2 looked at The Tempest, Year 3 focused on The Twelfth Night, Year 4 looked at Macbeth and Year 5 worked on Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare 4 Kids theatre group came in to work with Years 1 to 6. We looked at our chosen play and acted out the story with costumes and props. EYFS classes looked at fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and the Gingerbread Man.

We had a book swap on 8th March where children brought in a book from home and swapped it for another book. On 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day with activities and peer reading sessions. The teachers also went to different classes and read their favourite stories.

French Day

On Friday 10th February we held a special French Day at St. Helen's. During the day each class did cross curricular work relating to France and French speaking countries. All classes visited the French market which was run by Year 6 pupils where we had with different foods to sample and we practiced our vocabulary by ordering the food in French. We also dressed in "rouge, blanc et bleu", the colours of the French flag and painted our faces.

Citizenship Weeks

From 4th to 27th January we had Citizenship Weeks with many exciting activities and educational visits for all year groups based on the theme ‘A Better World - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. Our aims for the weeks were to develop an understanding of how we can make the world a better place by looking after our environment and helping others.

EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes had a workshop with Handprint Theatre group which focused on making the world a better place by being kind to others. The workshop started with a performance and then we took part in an art activity. We also had a special assembly where London Borough Newham came out to talk to us about recycling and in class we designed posters to inspire people to ‘Go Green’. On 12th January, Year 2 we took part in clean-up sessions around the local community.


Year 3 took part in a Three R’s workshop on the 11th January and Year 4 took part in the Moral Maze run-around on 26th January with St. Joachim's Catholic Primary School. We were given moral questions to which we had to choose a response, either yes, no or unsure. We then said why we had picked that response and debated the question that had been asked. Both year groups also designed a flier in class to encourage recycling in our community.


On 8th February Year 5 took part in the Junior Citizens project at Tate and Lyle where we learned about services in our community such as ambulance, police, fire department and public transport. We were put into groups to do different activities about safety procedures such as wearing a seatbelt in cars, standing behind the yellow line at train stations, how to put out a fire and how to help someone if they are in trouble.


Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament on 13th January. We had a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, learned about parliamentary procedures and the history of the building. Year 5 and 6 classes wrote a letter to our MP Lyn Brown to persuade her to get the government to ban plastic cutlery and cups.


On Friday 20th January we held a job and charity fair in the main hall where people came in to talk about the job they do or the charity they work for. Each class from Nursery to Year 6 visited the fair throughout the day to learn about different careers and charity work and ask questions.


On 27th January there was an in-school debate in Key Stage around the topic ‘Plastic should be banned’. Throughout the week, each class raised money for charity with a variety of activities such as a car wash, cake sale and sponsored silence.


Christmas Events

We had lots of Christmas events during December including our productions based on the Nativity. Parents and carers were invited to come along to enjoy our singing and dancing and celebrate the meaning of Christmas.

The Key Stage 2 choir went to Westfield Shopping Centre and Stratford station to sing Christmas carols and raise money for the HCPT charity. They also performed for senior citizens at the Parish Centre 50+ Club and at the Rathbone Market for the switching on of the Christmas lights.








On the 8th December Pre-school children went to Westfield to visit Santa at his grotto and on the 13th Nursery went to see a panto performance.

Our Christmas nativity plays have helped the children in pre-school and nursery begin to learn the story of Jesus’ birth. In Reception and KS1 the children learnt more of the story in their story Bethlehem’s Buzzing. For Year 3 and 4 the children thought about Christmas from a different point of view in Behind the Stable Door. Finally in Year 5 and 6 the children were able to consider those less fortunate then themselves, and to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. O(ur Chrismas plays took place between 9th and 16th December and then on the 15th December we shared Christmas lunch together.







Science and Maths Focus Weeks

From 21st November to 2nd December we had a Science and Maths Focus Weeks based on data handling. Each year group conducted fun and interesting investigations relating to our current Science topic as well as practicing data handling skills.

We looked at famous scientists such as Louis Pasteur, Jane Goodall, Spencer Silver and Anders Celsius, learning about the contribution they made to society and how they have influenced the world we live in today.


EYFS classes took part in activities around understanding the world such as what happens to Smarties in water.


Year 1 were learning about minibeasts and habitats. On 24th November, we visited the Tropical Wings Zoo in Chelmsford to learn more about animal development and to see first hand the different habitats, especially the butterfly sanctuary.. We also created graphs and diagrams in class.


In Year 2 we focused on uses of everyday materials and as part of this we experimented with permeable and non-permeable materials.


In Year 3 we looked at the characteristics of materials and made parachutes out of different materials to see which ones worked best.


Year 4 focused on moving, growing and skeletons. We investigated the height of children in different year groups to see whether people grow at different rates depending on their age.


In Year 5 we looked at the properties and changes of materials and we investigated what happens to liquids and food such as eggs when their state is changed.


Year 6 investigated microorganisms and as part of this topic we looked at microorganisms in a petri dish and under a microscope.


Mission Week

During 14th – 18th November we celebrated Mission Week, beginning with a launch assembly in the Chapel and followed by a procession back to school following the Blessed Sacrament. We then gathered in the small hall to welcome The Blessed Sacrament (the Body of Christ).

The theme for Mission Week was celebrating the Year of Mercy and throughout the week we thought about how we can live the Corporal  & Spiritual Acts of Mercy Acts in our daily live.


All year groups took part in reflection activities in the small hall during the week along with class activities such as mediation and class prayer. On 21st November Ten Ten Theatre company came in to perform plays for all classes based around themes such as finding happiness in doing things for others, the beauty of self-giving and sacrifice, building relationships and understanding that everyone is valuable in the eyes of God.


We finished off the week with a Procession of the Blessed Sacrament followed by whole school Mass  for Years 1 to 6.




At the All Saints whole school mass, our year 4's played the ukulele while singing along.


Character and Setting Week

From 10th to 21st October we had Character and Setting Week, focusing on books by Charles Dickens such as Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Bleak House and Little Dorrit. Each class looked at several stories, exploring the characters and settings and took part in fun activities as part of the focus weeks.

On 10th October Years 3 and 4 had workshop based on Oliver Twist and Years 5 and 6 had a workshop focusing on A Christmas Carol. The workshops explored the stories and we used role-play to retell them.


On 12th, 18th and 20th October Years 4, 5 and 6 visited the Charles Dickens museum to learn about his life and the life of people living at that time.


Foundation and Key Stage 1 classes got together with Key Stage 2 classes for peer reading sessions on 14th October and the following week our teachers read their favourite stories to us.


On Friday 21st October, we had a character parade where we dressed up as our favourite book characters and there were prizes for the best costumes in each year group.


Dog's Trust - Poetry Workshop

On the 11th October, Year 5 and 6 took part in a poetry workshop run by the Dog's Trust charity. We wrote poems around the theme Sacrifice of Animals and submitted them for a competition.

Harvest Assembly

On Friday 7th October we celebrated Harvest Festival with special assemblies and a presentation. This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon how the loving heart of Jesus can be shown through our acts of generosity. We collected money for the CAFOD charity which will go towards overseas development and food which will be distributed by St Vincent de Paul Society to less fortunate people.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Friday 30th September the School Council and staff helped to organize St Helen’s as part of the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.”

The children, including the school council, and staff donated cakes and the school community has raised over £200 for charity. Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who supported the event.


Cultural History

During September we had Cultural History weeks based on the theme International Inspirations, Mathematicians and Nobel Prize Winners. Each class looked at inspirational role models from a range of different cultures to help us develop an understanding of how influential people of the past have had an impact on our lives. We looked at Nobel Prize winners such as Nelson Mandela, Toni Morrison and Martin Luther King Jr and mathematicians such as Elbert Cox, Benjamin Banneker and Archimedes. We did lots of fun maths activities as well as writing poems, making posters and doing role play. We ended the weeks with assemblies on 29th and 30th September where we shared our learning and poems with children from St. Joachim’s School.